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TLC Libations provides premium beverages made with Tender, Love & Care to any event, venue or home.

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Beverage Service

Our beverage catering services offers our premium homemade TLC Sangria, custom cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages and highlights regional wineries & breweries. We strive to bring a unique and special touch to your event by providing excellent customer service and a custom tailored beverage menu to fit all of your attendees needs to take your event over the top. Let's toast to creativity!


Production, bottling, marketing and distribution will be at our beverage tasting room under construction at Flower House, 766 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15221. 


BARtending Service

We provide professional, RAMP certified bartenders and beverage services for weddings, holiday parties, corporate events, and everything else that ends in “party”. Hire a bartender for your next event and add a sense of flair to the evening while youspend more of your time socializing and networking with your guests.  All of our bartenders come professionally dressed with black button up shirts and will have all the essential tools. We expect our bartenders to make your party extraordinary and to help out any way they can to ensure you have a fun and safe event.